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Your One Source For All Your Visual Needs!

Ultra-Optix® Inc. has been making fine Book Lights and Magnifier products since 1976, and we have become one of the leading suppliers of visual products to consumers of all ages.

Made from only the finest materials and utilizing the most advanced manufacturing techniques, Ultra-Optix has been able to provide a full range of products with the very latest designs and features. For example, our newest frameless magnifier products contain our rubberized ergonomic handle surface which provides an easier more comfortable grip. Also, most of our lighted magnifiers now use the latest LED light technology. This provides a brighter longer lasting light to our products.

Our user friendly impulse driven packaging gives our products a marketing edge at retail stores. The potential customer can pick up our packaged product and actually see how the lens works without having to open the package.

Our products can be found at many of the leading retailers around the country. Please count on Ultra-Optix to supply you with all your low vision needs.

With 38 years of manufacturing experience, we offer a complete range of magnifiers, from our standard hand-held magnifiers to our new line of LED-lighted magnifiers and our high performance EZ Reader LED book lights.

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