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        EXACLAIR, INC. is the sole North American distributor of brand name products made by Exacompta, Clairefontaine, a French family of companies (Papeteries de Clairefontaine, Exacompta, G. Lalo, Mignon, Quo Vadis, Brause, Rhodia and subsidiaries) well known throughout Europe for the fine paper, leather and writing instruments they produce.


Headquartered in Paris, Exacompta Clairefontaine is a world leader in the manufacturing and development of paper, paper products, appointment books, accessories and social and gift boxed stationery. This publicly traded company encompasses 20 other businesses and distributes its products in  57 countries.

Exacompta Clairefontaine manufactures its own paper to ensure the high quality of its products. It is this tradition of craftsmanship and commitment to quality which ensures each time you use any of our fine products you experience "Le Plaisir De L'Ecriture...The Pleasure of Writing". Whether it is a pencil, a metal nib, a ballpoint, or a fountain pen, the most basic model or a jewelry class creation, every writing instrument needs good quality paper to perform at its best. If paper comes in the form of a beautiful and fashionable diary, writing becomes a pleasure that you can carry every moment of the day.

pta has been answering the needs of a demanding continental clientele for more than 50 years. Its hand-crafted appointment and address books, as well as guest books, journals and photo albums are famous throughout Europe. The firm's products reflect the "savoir vivre" for which the French are known. These fine items are particularly suitable for personal or business gifts.
ated in the Vosges region of France, Clairefontaine was established in 1863 on the site of a 16th century paper mill. The firm is noted for being the first school stationery manufacturer in France, and, to this day, European students from kindergarten through doctoral studies appreciate the fine quality of Clairefontaine's notebooks. The paper is exceptionally white and durable, and the distinctive covers are attractive and sturdy. The company also offers a selection of elegant social stationery.
Parisian social stationery manufacturer since 1919, G. Lalo provides the royal courts of Sweden, Holland and Belgium with hand-crafted stationery. Two aspects of G. Lalo's stationery contribute to its fame:

- The quality of its papers. A paper is selected and allowed to bear G. Lalo's exclusive watermark only after exacting examination of its texture, weight, finish, feel, content and color.

- The elegance of its presentation. G. Lalo's Parisian designers and craftspeople strive to reconcile the age old art of writing with the convenience of today's communications. The result can be seen in both the elegance and practicality of G. Lalo's "Collection" and "Boutique" lines.

Handwriting today is no longer a chore but a privilege of leisure. G. Lalo's stationery is an exclusive gift one owes to oneself and to friends and family.

Vadis has been manufacturing date books and organizers for almost 50 years. Quo Vadis planners are known for their quality construction, sturdiness and practical design. They focus on each person's need to make the most of their time each day. Their signature format–the Agenda Planning Diary® was featured in the Museum de Louvre Industry and Art Exhibition "Great Creations of the 20th Century".

The Agenda Planning Diary was invented by F. G. Bertrami, M.D., in 1954. He had been using date books he found cramped and impractical, ill-adapted to the needs of modern professionals. So, he decided to create his own. It is a system that is simple and easy to use for effective time management. His unique layout sets the agenda for the week, featuring the day's Priority, Special Weekly Action Items, and a space for Daily Notes. It is an indispensable professional tool, allowing for the planning of a week at a single glance.

Quo Vadis products are sold in more than 40 countries and translated into 16 languages, giving our product design and development a global reach and perspective. All Quo Vadis date books sold in North America are printed and manufactured in the United States. Our date book covers are manufactured and finished in Canada.

The B
rause company was established in Germany in 1850. Since then Brause has been crafting a complete line of calligraphy nibs considered to be one of the best on the market by professional artists. Brause nibs allow for the optimum contrast between the downstroke and the upstroke. They are flexible yet resilient, a balance seldom achieved by nibs of a lesser quality.

a has been sought after in the United States and Canada for many years. The famous orange pads are especially appreciated in the arts and sciences because of the perfect registering of the grid and their no-nonsense covers.

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